Vladimir Putin Has 3 Years To Live Due to 'Rapidly Progressing Cancer': Report

Amid the Russia-Ukraine war, which began in February this year, a Russian intelligence officer has now claimed that President Vladimir Putin is suffering from a "rapidly progressing cancer" and has only three years to live.

By Subhasish Dutta
Tue, 31 May 2022 11:43 AM IST
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Vladimir Putin Has 3 Years To Live Due to 'Rapidly Progressing Cancer': Report
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New Delhi | Jagran World Desk: Russian President Vladimir Putin is living on a deadline and is suffering from a "rapidly progressing cancer", The Independent revealed in a report. An officer with the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) has claimed in the report that Putin, who will turn 70 this October, is also losing his eyesight.

The officer further said that doctors have given Putin a maximum of two to three years to live as he "has a severe form of rapidly progressing cancer".

According to the Independent, the FSB official revealed Putin's latest health update in a message to former Russian spy Boris Karpichkov, who is now settled in the UK.

"We are told he is suffering from headaches and when he appears on TV he needs pieces of paper with everything written in huge letters to read what he's going to say. They are so big each page can only hold a couple of sentences. His eyesight is seriously worsening," according to a part of the message released by news.com.au.

Earlier this month, Express had reported that Putin underwent a surgery to remove fluid from his abdomen. The report attributed the information to Telegram channel General SVR linked to Russia's FSB.

However, Russia's Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov on Sunday (May 28) denied reports that Putin was ill. Lavrov said that there were no signs pointing to any ailment.

"I don't think that sane people can see in this person signs of some kind of illness or ailment," Lavrov told French television channel the TF1.

"You can watch him on screens, read and listen to his speeches. I leave it to the conscience of those who spread such rumours despite daily opportunities to assess how anyone is looking," he added.

Meanwhile, Russian forces have seized control of about a third of Sievierodonetsk, but their assault was taking longer than they had hoped, according to a Moscow-backed separatist leader quoted in a TASS news agency report.

President Putin said on Monday that Russia was ready to facilitate the unhindered export of grain from Ukrainian ports in coordination with Turkey, according to a Kremlin readout of talks with President Tayyip Erdogan.

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