New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The results for the US Presidential Elections 2020 hung in balance on Thursday morning as 5 states are still counting the ballots. People are eagerly waiting for the results to hear if the country gets a new President as Joe Biden or will the incumbent Donald Trump gets re-elected. Till now, Democrat nominee Joe Biden is leading in the Electoral College votes and is just 6 short of the magical number of 270, while Trump is way behind and is trailing at 214.

However, in the 5 states, which are still counting the votes, Donald Trump is leading Joe Biden making the elections between the two a neck and neck battle. The 5 states include some of the most competitive battleground states and account for 60 Electoral votes, winning which, Donald Trump can get over the line.

Here is the list of state of play in the five states:


According to the Associated Press tally, Donald Trump is way ahead in Alaska and is broadly expected to carry the state. In Alaska, which consists of 3 Electoral Votes, Republican Donald Trump is leading by 29 points or 62.11 per cent to 33.51 per cent of Joe Biden, with 50 per cent of the expected counted till now.


Trump is holding onto a narrow lead, but several of the large counties around Atlanta that lean Democratic have substantial numbers of ballots still to count. With 98% of the expected vote counted, Trump is ahead with 49.71 per cent versus 49.06 per cent for Biden. Under Georgia law, if the margin between the candidates is less than or equal to 0.5 percentage point, a candidate may request a recount within two business days following the certification of results.


Long seen as a solid Biden-leaning state, Nevada now appears in the play. AP data shows 75 per cent of the expected vote is in and Biden's lead is just 49.3 per cent to 48.7 per cent for Trump. Clark County, the state's largest and home to Las Vegas, has tallied 84 per cent of expected votes so far and Biden is ahead there 52.9 per cent versus 45.4 per cent for Trump.

North Carolina

The margin between the two rivals is 1 percentage point as Donald Trump clings to a lead of 50 per cent to 48.7 per cent for the Democrat, with 94 per cent of the expected vote counted. In North Carolina, 15 Electoral Votes are at stake. If Biden carries the state, he would be the new President of the United States.


Of the battleground states, Pennsylvania, with 20 Electoral votes, has the furthest to go in counting votes, and Trump so far maintains a lead. With 89 per cent of the expected vote counted, Trump is up 50.77 per cent to 48.08 per cent for Biden.

Posted By: Talib Khan