New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: Results for the US Presidential Elections 2020 have started to come and early results showed a close contest between the incumbent President Donald Trump and Democrat challenger Joe Biden. While Donald Trump managed to secure wins in 18 states so far, the Democrats nominee Joe Biden has so far claimed victory in 16 states including California and Washington.

Both Trump and Biden need 270 electoral votes to win the US Presidential election, out of the total 538. Voters are deciding between Trump and Joe Biden, along with all 435 seats of the House of Representatives and 35 of the 100 seats in the Senate. Some 239 million people are eligible to vote this year, of which, the US appears to see over 160 million votes in the election, a turnout of about 67 per cent.

Here are the key highlights of US Presidential Elections so far:

West Coast goes to Joe Biden: Three of the four west coast states or Pacific coast were won by Democrat nominee Joe Biden. Biden registered victory in California (55 Electoral Votes), Washington (12 Electoral Votes) and Oregon (7 Electoral Votes), while the last poll in Alaska will shut down around 11:30 am on Wednesday (IST).

Trump Leading in Florida: Incumbent President Donald Trump is ahead in a crucial race of Florida with almost 3 percentage points against his rival Joe Biden. Florida is also the home state of Donald Trump, which has over the last few decades reliably picked the winner of the US Presidential Elections.

Key States to Watch Out For: The results for US Presidential Elections will majorly be decided by a dozen of states that could swing the current tallies and favour either Trump or his rival Biden. These states include Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Arizona, Nevada and Iowa.

Results So Far: Results of the US Presidential Elections so far have shown that Democrat nominee Joe Biden is trailing behind Donald Trump. While Biden has won in 16 states, Trump has conquered 18 states so far. However, Biden is leading in the number of Electoral College votes (209), while Trump's Electoral College vote tally stands at 118.

States in which Trump has won: Indiana (11 Electoral Votes), Kentucky (8 Electoral Votes), West Virginia (5 Electoral Votes), Oklahoma (7 Electoral Votes), and Tennessee (11 Electoral Votes) Arkansas (6 Electoral Votes) Alabama (9 Electoral Votes), Mississippi (6 Electoral Votes) North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming (With 3 Electoral Votes each), South Carolina (9 Electoral Votes), Kansas (6 Electoral Votes), Utah (6 Electoral Votes), Missouri (10 Electoral Votes), Nebraska (3 Electoral Votes), Idaho (4 Electoral Votes) and Louisiana (8 Electoral Votes).

States in which Biden has won: New Jersey (14 Electoral Votes), Delaware (3 Electoral Votes), Virginia (13 Electoral Votes), Vermont (3 Electoral Votes), Connecticut (7 Electoral Votes), Illinois (20 Electoral Votes), Maryland (10 Electoral Votes), Massachusetts (11 Electoral Votes), Rhode Island (7 Electoral Votes), New York (29 Electoral Votes), Colorado (9 Electoral Votes), New Mexico (5 Electoral Votes), New Hampshire (4 Electoral Votes), Oregon (7 Electoral Votes), Washington (12 Electoral Votes), and California (55 Electoral Votes).

Posted By: Talib Khan