New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The fate of the United States presidency hung in the balance Wednesday as President Donald Trump and Democratic challenger Joe Biden battled for two familiar battleground states — Michigan and Pennsylvania — that could prove crucial in determining who wins the White House. 

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien told the Associated Press that the President would formally request a Wisconsin recount, citing “irregularities in several Wisconsin counties.” Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf has said that delay in the declaration of resulty is  a sign that the system is working in the state.

Results may not be known today, but accuracy is paramount, the Democrat said. When last reports came in Biden had received 237 electoral college votes as against 213 of incumbent President Donald Trump of the Republican Party.

Below are the highlights on US Presidential Election Results 2020:

03:19 am: I'm not here to declare that we won but I'm here to report when counting is finished, we believe we'll be winners: Joe Biden

03:14 am: Biden wins in Michigan, flipping another state Trump won in 2016, reports AFP quoting US media.

03:05 am: After a long night of counting, it's clear that we're winning enough states to reach 270 electoral votes needed to win the presidency, says Joe Biden.

03:00 am: Biden says he is campaigning as a democrat but will govern as an American president, Reuters reports.

02:00 am: After the latest projections in Wisconsin, Biden has 253 electoral college votes as against Trump's 214, making it much difficult for the president to win the polls.

01:54 am: Trump campaign says suing to halt vote count in crucial Pennsylvania, reports AFP.

01:47 am: To make sure every vote is counted, we’re setting up the largest election protection effort ever assembled...Chip in to power the new Biden Fight Fund, tweets Joe Biden.

01:40 am: The Trump campaign filed a lawsuit Wednesday in Michigan state court demanding access to locations where ballots are being counted in one of the undecided states that could determine whether President Donald Trump gets another four years in the White House.

The campaign also said it would ask for a recount in Wisconsin, a state The Associated Press called for Biden on Wednesday afternoon. Campaign manager Bill Stepien cited “irregularities in several Wisconsin counties.”

01:07 am: Joe Biden wins crucial state of Wisconsin.

12:35 am: Trump's campaign team has filed a lawsuit to 'halt counting' of ballots in the swing state of Michigan.

“President Trump’s campaign has not been provided with meaningful access to numerous counting locations to observe the opening of ballots and the counting process, as guaranteed by Michigan law. We have filed suit today in the Michigan Court of Claims to halt counting until meaningful access has been granted,” campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement.

12:30 am: Trump wins lone electoral vote in Maine's 2nd congressional district Donald Trump has won the lone electoral vote from Maine’s 2nd congressional district, while Joe Biden has carried the state overall.

12:15 am: There are still seven states left undecided in the presidential race. Here’s where they stand Wednesday morning.

11:45 pm: Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says it will take time to count votes Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is discounting President Donald Trumps early claim that hed already won the election saying its going to take a while for states to conduct their vote counts.

11:30 pm: Trump ahead of Biden in Pennyslvania Trump is ahead of Biden in battleground state of Pennsylvania by over 4,70,000 votes Trump leading in swing state of Pennsylvania against Biden by over 4,70,000 votes.

11:15 pm: Trump campaign demands recount in Wisconsin Donald Trump’s reelection campaign is demanding a recount in Wisconsin, as results show Joe Biden leading there by about 20,000 votes. “There have been reports of irregularities in several Wisconsin counties which raise serious doubts about the validity of the results,” campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement. “The President is well within the threshold to request a recount and we will immediately do so.”

11:00 pm Biden ahead of Trump by around 20,000 votes in Wisconsin, a swing state The Associated Press hasn't yet called the battleground state of Wisconsin, but Trump's rival Joe Biden remains ahead by about 20,000 votes.

10: 45 pm: The president of the United States of America is again tweeting to complain that votes are being counted.

In a US election, it is the regular custom to continue counting until every legally cast ballot is tallied.

10:15 pm: Joe Biden receives more votes than any other presidential candidate in US history Joe Biden has now received more votes than any other US presidential candidate in history, The Guardian has reported. According to the newspaper's blog, Biden's current tally of 69,759,833 votes surpasses Barack Obama's 2008 record.

9:50 pm: Judge reviews ballot counting in suburban Philadelphia county

A federal judge in Pennsylvania on Wednesday weighed arguments by Republicans seeking to stop a suburban Philadelphia county from counting mail-in and absentee ballots that voters had been permitted to correct. US District Judge Timothy Savage in Philadelphia appeared skeptical of arguments by the plaintiffs' lawyer, which lawyers for Montgomery County election officials and the Democratic National Committee said could disenfranchise voters.

9:30 pm: Joe Biden widens his lead in Michigan Joe Biden has widened his lead in the battleground state of Michigan against Donald Trump, CNN is reporting. He is now leading with 32,565 more votes than Trump.

9:00 pm: Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell is holding a news conference to talk about his personal election win and the balance of the US Senate – as well as the broader race.

8:45 pm: Twitter labels Trump comments on ballot irregularities 'misleading' Twitter has labeled as "misleading" a tweet from President Donald Trump claiming ballot irregularities, as a tight vote count in the presidential election was evolving.

8:30 pm: Democrat Marilyn Strickland wins election to US House in Washington's 10th Congressional District

8:20 pm A senior state official said that even as President Donald Trump has a sizable lead in Pennsylvania, the outcome there seems to be far from certain.

"Pennsylvania is definitely in play," a senior official in Gov. Tom Wolf's administration told CNN. "We hope to push counties, this morning, to work, non-stop, until every last ballot is tabulated, beginning this morning," the official added.

8:00 pm Meanwhile, AP projects Joe Biden to win at least 3 of Maine's 4 electoral votes Fox News and Associated Press project Joe Biden to win at least three of Maine's four electoral votes. It's one of two states, along with Nebraska, whose electoral votes can be split. (Reuters)

7:40 pm: Republican Mike Kelly wins reelection to US House in PA's 16th Congressional District

7:20 pm: Republican Lauren Boebert, who had expressed support for QAnon conspiracy theory, wins election to US House

7:00 pm: AP's vote tally shows Biden leading in Michigan for first time

6:45 pm: There are four states now where the number of votes left to count is getting down to 10% or less: Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina and Michigan. Of these, Trump holds a decent lead in Georgia and North Carolina.

6:15 pm: Former National Security Adviser (NSA) to Donald Trump, John Bolton, has called the President's comments 'a disgrace', according to Sky News. He said that the President's statements were "the most irresponsible comments a president has ever made"

5:45 pm: Biden’s Nevada lead shrinks in close race

Biden’s lead over Trump in Nevada, a state Hillary Clinton narrowly won in 2016, has narrowed to less than 8,000 votes, or 0.64 percentage points, according to the latest batch of returns.

5:30 pm: The secretary of state in Nevada says they won’t be posting a further count until Thursday morning.

5:15 pm: Trump ally Chris Christie says the President 'undercut his own credibility' by declaring premature victory

5:00 pm: Democrat Torres becomes 1st openly gay Black man elected to CongreTorres, 32, a New York City Council Member, won the election from New York's 15th Congressional District, defeating Republican Patrick Delices to become the next representative, New York Daily News reported.

4:45 pm Slovenia PM congratulates Donald Trump despite vote uncertainty.

"It's pretty clear that American people have elected @realDonaldTrump @Mike_Pence for #4moreyears," said the leader of the tiny Alpine country, which is homeland of first lady Melania Trump.

4:00 pm: As for where things stand, the presidential race is too close to call,. The race currently stands at 238 electoral votes for Biden to 213 for Trump, with six battleground states outstanding. In  Wiscosin, Biden has a narrow lead with a small number of absentee ballots left to count. It could potentially take days to count votes in Nevada, Georgia, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Michigan

3:30 pm: Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, is headed back to Capitol Hill

3:00 pm: Biden camp: Trump bid to stop vote counting 'outrageous,' 'unprecedented'

Joe Biden's campaign team has responded to President Trump's statement of victory."It was outrageous because it is a n****d effort to take away the democratic rights of American citizens," she

14:20 pm: Trump and Biden battle it out for the White House, with polls closed across the US and results in seven states still left uncalled, including major prizes like Pennsylvania and Wisconsin -- meaning both still have a path to victory 

14:10 pm: Retired space shuttle commander Mark Kelly wins a US Senate seat in Arizona, US media projects, defeating a Republican incumbent and breathing life into Democrats' slim hopes of taking control of the chamber 

13:50 pm: Joe Biden further increased his lead and won Maine with 3 Electoral Votes. Biden has so far won 238 electoral votes, while incumbent President Donald Trump has so far conquered 213 Electoral Votes.  

13:40 pm: Democrat nominee Joe Biden wins Arizona with 11 Electoral Votes, which is a traditionally Republican stronghold.  

13:35 pm: Trump won the key states of Florida, Ohio and Texas, erasing Biden's hopes for a decisive early victory.

13:06 pm: This is a fraud on the American public. We were getting ready to win this election. Frankly, we did win this election...We want the law to be used in a proper manner. We'll be going to US Supreme Court. We want all voting to stop: Donald Trump

13:04 pm: Trump says: 'We did win this election'

13:02 pm: Trump claims to be winning Pennsylvania by a "tremendous margin". 

12:56 pm: We didn't just win Florida, we won it by a lot: Donald Trump

12:50 pm: Want to thank the American people, the First Lady, my entire family. Results tonight have been phenomenal; we're getting ready for a big celebration: Donald Trump

12:40 pm: Trump's address to begin shortly. 

12:00 pm: In the results declared so far, Donald Trump is trailing behind Joe Biden in the number of Electoral Votes. While Trump has so far managed to win 213 Electoral votes, his Democrat challenger Joe Biden has won 224 Electoral Votes. 

11:40 am: Trump wins Florida, a must-win state with 29 electoral votes, and Texas, a state with 38 electoral votes.  

11:26 am: We are up big, but they are trying to steal the election. We will never let them do it. Votes cannot be cast after the Polls are closed: Donald Trump

11:21 am: "I will be making a big statement tonight. A big WIN!" tweets Donald Trump

11:19 am: “We believe we are on track to win this election,” says Joe Biden, urging his supporters to be patient. "We knew this was going to go long, but who knew we were going to go into maybe tomorrow morning, maybe even longer."

11:13 am: Hillary Clinton retweets her own message originally posted after her defeat in 2016

11:05 am: Trump wins Iowa and Montana. 

11:02 am: Biden expected to deliver statement anytime soon. 

11:01 am: Biden wins Minnesota

10:47 am: Biden wins Hawaii, a Democratic stronghold. 

10:36 am: Trump wins in hotly contested Ohio, reports AFP.

10:35 am: Rising GOP star Madison Cawthorn has been elected to represent a North Carolina US House district. Cawthorn, 25, will be one of the youngest people to ever serve in Congress after his win in the 11th District on Tuesday. 

09:57 am: Donald Trump wins Utah.

09:44 am: Trump wins Idaho.

09:35 am: Biden takes California, Oregon, Washington.

09:28 am: Donald Trump expands his lead in Florida, now leading by 4 percentage points. 

09:18 am: Trump wins Nebraska. 

09:14 am: Trump wins Missouri which carries 10 electoral votes. This takes Trump's tally to 17 states. 

09:09 am: So far, Biden has won 13 states and Trump 16. However, Biden's national tally is higher with 131 electoral votes compared to Trump's 108

09:07 am: Joe Biden wins New Hampshire, reports AFP.

09:03 am: Democrats retain control of House of Representatives, reports AFP.

08:51 am: Trump leads Biden in key battleground states of Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania

08:39 am: Trump wins in Kansas. 

08:36 am: Trump has so far won 13 states and is having a narrow lead in the crucial state of Florida. On the other hand, Biden has clinched 12 states. 

08:29 am: Donald Trump camp has already claimed victory in the crucial state of Florida where he has an edge over Biden. 

08:15 am: Joe Biden takes Colorado and New Mexico. 

08:10 am: Donald Trump wins South Carolina

07:54 am: Joe Biden wins in Colorado, reports AFP quoting US media.

07:50 am: Donald Trump is ahead by nearly 3 points in Florida, a must-win state with 29 electoral votes. 

07:45 am: Joe Biden vs Donald Trump

07:41 am: Trump wins four more - North Dakota, South Dakota, Wyoming and Louisiana

07:40 am: Joe Biden wins New York, another traditional Democratic stronghold with 29 electoral votes

07:37 am: Joe Biden at 88 electoral votes, Donald Trump at 63

Donald Trump (63)

Alabama (9)
Arkansas (6)
Indiana (11)
Kentucky (8)
Mississippi (6)
Oklahoma (7)
Tennessee (11)
West Virginia (5)

Joe Biden (88)

Connecticut (7)
Delaware (3)
District of Columbia (3)
Illinois (20)
Maryland (10)
Massachusetts (11)
New Jersey (14)
Rhode Island (4)
Vermont (3)
Virginia (13)

07:18 am: Republican Phil Scott wins reelection for governor in Vermont.

07:15 am: Joe Biden wins Maryland | Biden will claim all 10 electoral votes of the state, which has been voting for Democrats consistently since 1992.

07:14 am: Counting underway in Colorado

07:05 am: Donald Trump: Oklahoma, Kentucky, Indiana, Tennessee, West Virginia, Arkansas, Alabama, Mississippi; Joe Biden: Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Rhode Island, District of Columbia, Virginia, Vermont

06:58 am: Joe Biden wins in Connecticut, reports AFP quoting US media.

06:53 am: Joe Biden has won Illinois, as per AP projections. The state has 20 electoral votes and has been a traditional Democratic stronghold

06:49 am: Trump wins Tennessee, reports AFP.

06:47 am: Biden wins District of Columbia, Maryland, Massachusetts, Delaware, New Jersey: AFP

06:45 am: Joe Biden wins New Jersey, clinches 14 electoral votes

06:39 am: Trump has won Alabama, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Tennessee, while Democrat Joe Biden has won Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey and Rhode Island, reports Associated Press.

06:35 am: Donald Trump wins Oklahoma, reports AFP quoting US media.

06:33 am: Donald Trump wins South Carolina, a state which he had carried comfortably in 2016 as well. 

06:28 am: 

TRUMP (24): Indiana (11), Kentucky (8), West Virginia (5)
BIDEN (16): Vermont (3), Virginia (13)

06:25 am: According to New York Times, there are 95 per cent chances of Trump winning Florida. Currently, Trump and Biden are neck to neck in the crucial state. 

06:20 am: Biden is maintaining a razor-thin lead of 1 point in early counting in Florida. Florida is a key bellwether state and since 2000, the candidate who has won here has gone on to become the President.

06:15 am: Joe Biden wins in Virginia, reports news agency AFP. 

06:07 am: Donald Trump wins West Virginia. The last Democrat to win a presidential race in West Virginia was Bill Clinton in 1996.

06:05 am: More than 4,700 US National Guard troops in 18 states have been activated to assist in the ongoing elections. "The missions range from assisting with cyber defence, working the polls, and standing by in case of post-election civil unrest," reported Military Times, an outlet for news about service members.

06:04 am: Joe Biden is now leading in Vermont and Georgia.

06:03 am: Joe Biden's campaign manager on Tuesday stated that the former Vice President can defeat President Donald Trump and win the White House without carrying two crucial battlegrounds, Florida and Pennsylvania.

06:00 am: Donald Trump wins Kentucky, AFP quotes US media.

05:55 am:  Biden wins in Vermont: US networks, reports AFP

05:52 am: Donald Trump leading in swing state Florida in early counting leads, reports CNN. Trump won in Florida in the 2016 election.

05:50 am: “Remember: A record number of Americans are voting by mail this year, and counting those votes will take time. We need to be patient, stay strong, and #CountEveryVote. No matter what Donald Trump says tonight,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren tweeted.

05:49 am: Polls have closed in Georgia, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Vermont, Virginia and parts of Florida

05:45 am: 'We are looking really good all over the country. Thank You!', tweets US President Donald Trump. 

05:41 am: Donald Trump wins Kentucky, Joe Biden carries Vermont. Trump was expected to win Indiana and Kentucky easily.

05:39 am: Donald Trump wins Indiana, reports AFP

5:36 am: Donald Trump leads in New Hampshire in early counting. Notably, Trump is also ahead in Kentucky, which has eight electoral votes, and Indiana, which has 11 electoral votes, according to early counting of votes.

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