New Delhi | Piyush Aggarwal/ Anurag Mishra: As always, last week has been full of excitement across the globe because of the nail-biting US election results. On Saturday, former Vice President Joe Biden was confirmed as the 46th President of the United States along with Kamala Harris as the Vice President. Like in the last few elections, the contest this time was also impressive. In the early trends, Republican candidates Donald Trump seeking reelection were ahead in the battleground states. However, later those states turned blue as more votes were counted. This election also becomes special because, after 1900, many voters exercised their franchise in these elections.

Although many US elections have been very close, in the 2000 elections, the contest between George W. Bush and Algor was the closest race ever. In these elections, where Bush got 271 electoral votes, Algor got 266 electoral votes. It is known to be the closest contest in the history of the US presidential elections. Simultaneously, in 2004, the race between George W. Bush and John Carry was also exciting. While Bush received 286 electoral votes, John Carrey received 251 electoral votes. A very close margin also won the US election in 1916.


In this election, Republican Party candidate Woodrow Wilson defeated Republican candidate Charles Evans. Wilson received 277 electoral votes. The United States faced World War I only a month after Wilson's second term began. The US presidential elections of 1948 are known to be one of the closest elections.

Harry S. Truman became the President of America in this election. At the same time, the margin of victory in some polls was quite large. In 1984 Ronald Reagan won by 525 electoral college votes and in 1980 by 489 electoral college votes.

Highest voter turnout after 120 years

After 1900, in the 2020 elections, the last 120 years' record in voting was broken. The highest voter turnout was in 1900 before 2020 when 73.7 per cent of the people voted. From the University of Florida, Professor Michael Macdonald of the US Election Project says that comparing 1900 to 2020 would not be appropriate. During that time, women did not have the right to vote. The reason for the increase in turnout in 2020 is young voters and mail-in-votes. This year the turnout has been around 66.9 per cent.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma