New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: It is usually considered that people who have just recovered from the coronavirus develop herd immunity against Covid-19 disease and the chances of their re-infection over the next few months are low. However, a new study conducted by researchers in America has suggested that coronavirus patients who have just discharged from the hospital need to be very careful for at least the next 10 days. For elder people, these 10 days are even more dangerous.

The researchers have found in their study that people who recovered from coronavirus infection had a 40–60 per cent higher risk of re-admission within the next 10 days. They were compared to the heart and pneumonia patients.

The study published in the JAMA journal claimed that the risk of re-admission or death of a corona patient decreases after 60 days of discharge from the hospital compared to the patients with other serious illnesses. Therefore, it is important that precautionary measures must be taken during the post coronavirus recovery period.

The research involved approximately 2,200 elderly patients who had undergone treatment across 132 hospitals. After being discharged from the hospital, their condition was compared to 1,800 pneumonia-related patients and 3,500 heart patients. Pneumonia and heart patients were also admitted to the same hospitals during that time.

The researchers said that nine per cent of patients who were part of their study died in the first two months after being discharged from the hospital, while 20 per cent had to be re-admitted due to post-corona symptoms. This is different from the 18.5 per cent of patients who died during the course of treatment.

Posted By: Shashikant Sharma