New Delhi | Jagran World Desk: On the day when the last US Troop left Afghanistan after 20-year war came to an end following Taliban's Kabul takeover, video footage has surfaced on social media that shows a US-made Black Hawk helicopter flying over Afghanistan's Kandahar province, with a person seen hanging below from a rope. However, it was not immediately clear whether the person was dead or alive. 

Later, it was clarified that an Afghan pilot was reportedly flying the chopper, and a Taliban member was trying to install the group's flag. 

"Afghan pilot flying this is someone I have known over the years. He was trained in the US and UAE, he confirmed to me that he flew the Blackhawk helicopter. Taliban fighter seen here was trying to install Taliban flag from air but it didn't work in the end," Afghan journalist Bilal Sarwary tweeted.

The video was shared on Monday (August 30) via a now-deleted Twitter profile named ‘Talib Times’, which claims to be the ‘official account of Islamic Emirate Afghanistan’. It claimed that the Taliban air force was patrolling the city of Kandahar. "Our Air Force! At this time, the Islamic Emirate's air force helicopters are flying over Kandahar city and patrolling the city," the caption of the post read.

Note: Jagran English could not independently verify the authenticity of this video

Republican senator Ted Cruz also shared the video and said it summed up President Joe Biden's Afghanistan debacle. However, he later deleted the post with clarifications and wrote, "It turns out the post I shared w/ a video of Taliban “hanging a man” from a helicopter may be inaccurate. So I deleted the tweet. What remains accurate is: The Taliban are brutal terrorists. We left them millions in US military equipment, including Black Hawk helicopters".

The Taliban reportedly controls over 2000 armoured vehicles, which include US Humvees, and up to 40 aircraft potentially including UH-60 Black Hawks, scout attack helicopters, and ScanEagle military drones. Moreover, the militant organization is now in full control of Kabul's international airport after the last US plane left its runway, marking the end of America's longest war.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha