New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: A Russian plane carrying 28 people on board lost its contact with air traffic control. The plane is feared to have crashed and has gone missing in the Kamchatka peninsula in Russia’s Far East region. The locals of the region said that the plane crash happened due to an engine failure. According to the news agency Reuters, it was when the flight was flying from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky to Palana in the Kamchatka Peninsula and lost contact.

A search operation has been initiated along with that rescue workers are also present in the region. Earlier on June 19, a twin-engine L410 plane was crashed in Kimerovo, southern Siberia. As per the Russian news agency Tass, 7 people were reported dead and 4 people were injured in the accident.

Russia has seen several air accidents, however; the country has improved its air traffic safety records in the past few years. It is also said that flying is the most difficult task in the country, due to its isolated regions with difficult weather conditions. Meanwhile, poor safety standards, low maintenance of the aircraft still remain an issue in the country.

According to TASS, The AN-26, while attempting to land lost its communication with the air traffic control. The survivors of the accident said that the plane caught fire due to a lightning strike. Initial reports of the accident said the plane had landed after a fire, while the Interfax news agency said the plane caught fire after a hard landing.

In another incident that took place on May 6, 41 passengers were tragically killed, while 37 people including four crew members were rescued due to a massive fire that broke out during landing on an Aeroflot plane. There were 73 passengers on board at that time. According to Reuters, the plane caught fire shortly after take-off, after which it made an emergency landing.

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen