Kyiv/Moscow | Reuters: All women, children and elderly civilians have been evacuated from the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol, Ukraine's deputy prime minister said on Saturday, despite what military officers said was an ongoing Russian assault at the plant. The CIA director said that the Ukraine war has shown the world that Russia and China's partnership has no limits.

Top developments:


*Russia's most senior lawmaker on Saturday accused Washington of coordinating military operations in Ukraine, which he said amounted to direct U.S. involvement in military action against Russia.

* At least one T-90M, Russia's most advanced tank, has been destroyed in the fighting, the British defence ministry said.

* Russia's defence ministry on Saturday said it had destroyed a large stockpile of military equipment from the United States and European countries near the Bohodukhiv railway station in Ukraine's Kharkiv region.

* Russian forces continued their blockade of the Azovstal plant, Ukraine's military said in a daily update.

* Shelling and bombing continued along the whole frontline in the Donetsk region on Friday, the Ukrainian military said. It said that in Donetsk and Luhansk regions, Ukrainian forces repulsed eight attacks, destroying three tanks and eight artillery systems.

* Russian forces also continued artillery shelling of cities, towns and villages near the northeastern city of Kharkiv, the Ukrainian military said. Reuters could not independently verify reports of battlefield developments.


* Fifty civilians including children were evacuated by bus from the Azovstal steel complex on Friday, Ukraine said, and more were set to leave on Saturday.


*WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus urged Russia to stop war in Ukraine
* U.S. President Joe Biden signed a new $150 million weapons package for Ukraine on Friday, providing additional artillery munitions, radar and other equipment.


* The European Commission has proposed changes to its planned embargo on Russian oil to give Hungary, Slovakia and the Czech Republic more time to prepare for the shift in their energy supplies, sources said.
* The Italian government ordered police on Friday to impound a luxury yacht worth some $700 million that has been linked in the media to Russian President Vladimir Putin.


* G7 leaders will hold a video call on Sunday with Zelenskiy in a show of unity the day before Russia marks its Victory Day holiday, the White House said.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha