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    North Korea Executes 2 Teenagers For Watching, Distributing South Korean Dramas

    The news of executions comes amid an escalation of tensions between North Korea and South Korea.

    By Ashita Singh
    Tue, 06 Dec 2022 03:19 PM (IST)

    Two teens in North Korea have been executed for watching and widely distributing South Korean dramas among their friends. The two boys executed were aged between 16 and 17, were executed in front of locals on an airfield in Hyesan, The Mirror report stated. The report further noted that those boys were executed in the month of October but the reports only emerged a few days earlier.
    The teens reportedly met in a high school at Ryanggang Province of Kim Jong Un's country.

    “The authorities put the teenaged students in front of the public, sentenced them to death, and immediately shot them,” the report said.

    “Those who watch or distribute South Korean movies and dramas, and those who disrupt social order by murdering other people, will not be forgiven and will be sentenced to the maximum penalty–death,” the report added.

    According to North Korean officials, the "crimes" committed by the teens were "evil," and residents in the area were forced to watch the execution.

    Meanwhile, this is not the first time that, North Korea has executed someone for having South Korea connection, there have been several reports earlier about the same. In the year 2020, the Kim Jong Un territory rolled out the law governing ideological and cultural tools and banned foreign information and influence in a crackdown aimed at the rising popularity of Korean shows and music.

    The news of executions comes amid an escalation of tensions between North Korea and its neighbouring country. Earlier today, North Korea ordered military units to fire more artillery shells into the sea, in response to South Korea's ongoing drills across the border. 

    In addition to the artillery fire, the North Korean army issued a combat emergency alert to units at all levels and troops were ordered to step up surveillance

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