New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: The hunt for an Earth-like habitable planet in a different galaxy altogether has picked up remarkable pace in past few months. In the last week of May, a Swiss-manufactured ESPRESSO spectrograph had managed to gather more substantial information about a planetary object, Proxima B, about 4.2 light years away from Sun.

And now, in the habitable zone of Kepler 160 (a sun-like star) system, about 3000 light years away from Earth, astronomers have found the Planet KOI-456.04 which is similar in size and orbit of our Earth.

According to a report published in Astronomy and Astrophysics journal, the data collected by the researchers from Kepler Space Telescope, suggests that the Planet KOI-456.04 is orbiting the Kepler-160 star in about 378 days which is located at about the same distance the earth is from the sun.

The report also revealed that the planet gets 93 per cent as much light as Earth gets from the sun, while situated about 3,000 light years away from Earth.

However, not much has been revealed about the exact composition of the surface and atmosphere of the new Earth-like planet. The next round of discoverable entities regarding the composition will reportedly depend upon NASA’s upcoming James Webb Space Telescope as well as the European Space Agency's PLATO space telescope, which is scheduled to launch in 2026.

 “We conclude that Kepler-160 has at least three planets, one of which is the non-transiting planet Kepler-160 d. We also find the super-Earth-sized transiting planet candidate KOI-456.04 in the habitable zone of this system, which could be the fourth planet,” the research was quoted as stating.

Earlier, in the second week of May, a one-in-a-million ‘Super Earth’ planet which reportedly has the mass somewhere between that of Earth and Neptune was discovered by New Zealand astronomers.

Posted By: Abhinav Gupta