New Delhi | Piyush Aggarwal/ Anurag Mishra: The US has elected its new President in the recently concluded elections. It has been the trend for the Presidents to bring their pets to the White House. After 1800, Donald Trump is the only US President who did not carry any pets in the White House. Apart from Trump, the other presidents who did not bring any pet were James K Polk and Andrew Johnson.

The new President, Joe Biden, who will take the oath of office in 2021, will restore this age-old tradition of America's Presidents.

Joe Biden will bring two German Shepherd dogs to the White House with him. Their names are Champ and Major. According to the report prepared by the Presidential Pet Museum, the previous Presidents of America used to bring dogs along with other pets to the White House. George Washington also brought many horses to the White House. John Adams also received an alligator as a gift from Marquis de Lafayette. At the same time, many American Presidents had kept Songbirds in the past, while Woodrow Wilson had raised Sheep.


Laddie Boy, a dog owned by US President Warren G. Harding made regular headlines. At the same time, in 1944, US President Franklin D. Roosevelt was allegedly accused of spending a lot of money to rescue his dog injured in the accident. In a speech, Roosevelt had said you could criticise me, my wife, and my family, but not my dog. Lyndon Johnson was also criticised for taking photos with dogs while holding their ears. Bill Clinton brought a tuxedo cat with him. In 1997, he took a Labrador. Three dogs and a cat were brought to the White House with George W. Bush. Barack Obama owned two Portuguese water dogs. One of his dogs, Bo, was mentioned in the 2010 children's book Of Thee I Sing A Letter to My Daughters, written by US President Barack Obama.

America's first President George Washington brought dogs, donkeys, horses, parrots to the White House. Richard Nixon was accused of the funding during his candidacy for vice president. He denied the allegations levelled against him. He further added that he received a black and white cocker spaniel in the gift and would not return it.

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma