Abu Dhabi | Jagran World DeskNetizens in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have been warned against sharing or posting unverified news or information from uncertified sources on their social media accounts in order to avoid hefty penalties, Dubai-based-daily Khaleej Times reported on Thursday (January 27).

This comes at a time when The United Arab Emirates' top prosecutor Hamad Al-Shamsi on Wednesday summoned several people who had shared on social media footage of an attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels on Abu Dhabi. The Houthis fired ballistic missiles on the Emirates' capital on Monday (January 24) amid escalated fighting with the Saudi-led coalition that has been battling them and of which the UAE is a part.

The new cybercrime law places a responsibility on users to verify the source and credibility of information before sharing on social media, said Mohammad Al Dahbashi, Managing Partner of ADG Legal to Khaleej Times.

"The law is clear in stating that a person will be penalized when sharing any content that contains rumors, fake news, unofficial news or anything that disrupts national security," he added.

As per the new rules, the general public can't post or share any videos or pictures that depict illegal actions or violations in the UAE. Such an activity will be considered legal only when it has been done with the purpose of sharing with authorities as evidence.

Here is a full list of penalties and fines that will be levied if someone is caught violating the new laws.

1. Information that agitates public opinion, causes panic, or harms national security and affairs - one year in prison and Dh100,000 fine

2. Fake news, rumors, misleading or inaccurate information that contradicts official announcements - one year in prison and Dh100,000 fine

3. Fake news during pandemics, emergencies, or crises - two years in prison and Dh200,000 fine

4. Photos or videos of other people without their consent - six months in prison and/or Dh150,000-Dh500,000 fine

5. Photos or videos of accident or crisis victims, whether dead or injured - six months in prison and/or Dh150,000-Dh500,000 fine

Posted By: Sugandha Jha