Jerusalem (Israel) | Jagran News Desk: Clashes between the Palestinians and Israeli forces have escalated once again in the contested city of Jerusalem after a series of violent strife between the two. So far, 83 Palestinians, including 17 children, and seven Israelis, including a child, have died in the clashes, according to the latest reports.

Why Israel and Palestine are fighting again?

The age-old feud was sparked recently with the Israeli forces striking in Gaza after hundreds of rockets were launched by militants in Palestine. A week earlier, the Israeli forces had entered the Al-Aqsa mosque as violence erupted in East Jerusalem.

History of the Israel-Palestine conflict:

The history of this conflict goes back to the claims of ownership over the land of Jerusalem by the Arabs, Jews, and Christians. Jerusalem is considered to be a holy land by all three communities. The military occupation of Palestine by Israel is another reason why the groups are at constant war. Israel has occupied the West Bank despite the modalities of the Oslo Accords that divide the territory.

Timeline of events:

• Ramadan begins on April 13

• Violence breaks out in Jerusalem and West Bank a week prior to May 7 between Palestinians and Israeli police.

• Clashes erupt on May 7 as Muslims gather at the Al-Aqsa mosque compound; more than 200 Palestinians and police injured.

• Violence erupts in East Jerusalem on May 8. The Palestinian Red Crescent says around 120 Palestinians wounded overnight; Israeli forces claim 17 officers wounded.

• On May 9, Israeli police and young Palestinians clash at various locations in East Jerusalem. Also, a Supreme Court hearing on the eviction of Palestinians from the region gets postponed.

• Clashes between Israelis and Palestinians lead to no less than 395 Palestinians wounded on May 10; Hamas threatens Israel to withdraw its security forces.

• More than 200 rockets fired by Palestinian militants, responding to which, Israel launches 130 strikes at Hamas-run targets.

• More rockets launched from the coastal enclave on May 11; Israeli forces fire almost 1,000 rockets at Gaza. International world leaders and the United Nations (UN) call for peace.

• Militants in Gaza reveal they fired 130 rockets into Israel; Israel claims to have killed a senior Hamas official.

• Israeli PM speaks of the conflict on May 12. Says he plans to send in military forces to help police maintain order in cities.

• On May 13, the IDF claims that around 1,500 rockets had been fired from Gaza into Israel.

• The Hamas-run health ministry in Gaza reveals more than 400 people injured and 67 killed since the conflict began.

Posted By: Sugandha Jha