Beijing (China) | Jagran News Desk: China’s Communist Party on Monday announced the end of its controversial two-child policy. In China, the world’s most populous country, couples can now have up to three children, a party statement added while addressing the issue of the country’s declining birth rates.

The decision came after the latest meeting of the Chinese Communist Party’s Politburo chaired by President Xi Jinping in Beijing. The CCP statement said that the decision would “help improve our country’s population structure and help implement a national strategy to actively respond to the ageing population.”

China had first imposed the one-child policy in 1978 just when the economic boom across Chinese coastlines started defining a new age of development in the Communist-run country. However, from January 2016 onward, the Chinese Communist Party allowed individual couples, who were the only child themselves to have up to two children.

Five years after imposing a two-child policy, acknowledging the concerns around the rapidly rising number of ageing individuals which are soon forecasted to overtake the country’s working population, the change in the two-child policy has been announced by allowing couples to have up to three children.

Between 2016 to 2020, China recorded four straight years of declining birth rates, belling the rings in Beijing’s power centres of impending demographic doom.
Earlier this month, the findings of China’s decadal census said that country’s population grew at the slowest rate ever since the 1950s, with the fertility rate down at 1.3 children per woman in 2020.

Chinese Communist Party, at the beginning of the country’s economic resurgence in the 1980s, imposed harsh birth restriction rules in China. Parents who violated the birth control policy were fined 10 times their annual disposable incomes.

According to Journalist Mei Fong’s book “One Child: The Story of China’s Most Radical Experiment,” at its peak, China’s National Population and Family Planning Commission reportedly had over 85-million part-time employees to enforce birth restriction rules in the country. In China, the annual sterilizations peaked at 20 million in 1983 and averaging at 1.2 Crore sterilisations per year in all of the 1980s.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma