Elon Musk Opens Twitter Headquarters Closet; Here’s What He Found | Watch

Elon Musk shared a video of the closet in Twitter Headquarters which gathered several reactions and comments on the micro-blogging platform.

Elon Musk Opens Twitter Headquarters Closet; Here’s What He Found | Watch
Twitter CEO Elon Musk (Credits: Reuters)

ELON Musk, Twitter’s new boss on Wednesday shared a video of what he found at the headquarters of the micro-blogging site. In the video, a closet full of t-shirts which have “#StayWoke” printed on them can be seen. “Found in closet at Twitter HQ fr,” he tweeted, along with two laughing emojis.

The video had over five million views since he shared it on social media platforms. Several comments and responses have been made in response to the video on the microblogging website.

One of the users wrote, “Ewwwww They shed their skin when they left.”

On the other hand, suggesting Elon Musk educate himself first, wrote “WOKE" has a very specific meaning in black circles. These t-shirts were worn by a small group of black Twitter employees for a very specific purpose. Here's a suggestion: Educate yourself FIRST. Spout mouth diarrhea SECOND if you wish.”

Meanwhile, another user named Benny Johnson being sarcastic, questioned Musk's USD 44 billion Twitter acquisition deal and wrote, "$44B for a lousy t-shirt?!".

Tesla CEO took over Twitter on October 27. He then immediately embarked on a series of radical changes within the social media giant and has been making headlines all over the globe. His flurry decisions have been widely talked about and criticized by the people, be it firing employees or charging USD 8 for blue tick verification.

However, His decision of charging USD 8 monthly for getting verified through Twitter blue didn't go well with the users. He has been criticised for his decisions impacting the working style of the social media giant that has millions of daily active users. In fact, many users including prominent personalities left the social media platform.

In the latest development, Tesla CEO on Tuesday said the social media company is holding off the relaunch of its blue check subscription service. Last week, Musk said that his USD 8 per month Blue subscription will be made available on November 29. He also announced that the company has done with the layoffs now it began hiring employees again.

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