New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: While we are already facing a tough situation due to coronavirus, a total of four asteroids are approaching the earth's surface and will fly really close to the planet on March 23 (as per GMT), as per NASA's Center for Near-Earth Objects (CNEOS). The asteroids have been named 2020 FFI, 2020 DP4, 2020 FS, 2020 FK by the CNEOS.

The smallest of them all is 2020 FK, which is the smallest (43 meter in diameter). It is heading towards earth at a speed more than 37,000 km per hour and reportedly will pass at a distance of 1.36 million kilometers.

After FK, 2020 FS is the second largest with a diameter of 48 feet. It's the fastest among all and travels at a speed of 47,000 km per hour. It will be closest to our planet at just around 7,13,000 kilometres away.

Among all four asteroids, DP4 is the biggest. It will fly at a distance of 1.3 million km away from earth at a speed of 29,000 kilometers per hour.

The above asteroid is expected to pass through the planets between 12.04 am and 3.39 am IST (March 24).

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What comes as a relief is that the asteroids will not affect the earth. None of the above asteroids will touch the earth's surface. The nearest one will come as close as 7.13 lakh km, which almost twice the distance between the earth and the moon (3.6 lakh kilometer).

A European space agency in September last year had earlier gave a 1/7000 chance of these asteroid impacting earth, but later said that it will miss the earth completely. majority of us are not even aware of these asteroids apart from astrophysicists and professionals.

Besides asteroids, a 390 kg rock is also expected to approach close to earth on March 27, said a report from Like above asteroids, it will also be many miles away. The rock will pass from a distance of 0.04453 astronomical units. It will be 17,33 times as far as the moon. These asteroids are known as Near-Earth Objects.

Posted By: James Kuanal