New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: NASA in 1969 made history by landing man on the moon but still there are millions of people still believe that it was a hoax and it was shot in a Hollywood studio!

There are thousandths of sites that are trying to prove that the Moon Landing was fake. Some of the sites even claim that NASA did not have that technology while some claim that aliens were involved in it. Some of the conspiracy theorists also focus on the grainy photos and videos of it and claim that the moon landing was false.

NASA has given many proofs about the moon landing but still, the conspiracy theorists still don’t believe them.

According to a Gallup poll found, 6 per cent of the US population believes that the moon landing was fake. While 9 per cent of the British people did not believe the landings happened, while 9 per cent of French people were also unconvinced.

“The fact that the denials of the moon landings would not go away should not surprise anyone,” said Former NASA historian Roger Launius.     

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma