New Delhi | Jagran News Desk: A cruel and devastating incident took place in Afghanistan, in which the Taliban shot an Afghan police officer, Fazal Mohammad, who was better known for posting humorous videos online. The Taliban even claimed that the policer officer was killed by them for making people laugh. Soon after this the visuals of him being beaten as well as his dead body emerged on social media platforms.

The Afghan police officer also known as "Khasha Zwan" was deployed in southern Kandahar province. According to an officer, who was serving with Fazal Mohammad, the Taliban took Fazal after he returned home about two weeks ago.

The news brew like a storm of anger over social media and people began to raise their voices against the inhuman act conducted by the Taliban. The well-known comedian was murdered just because he used to make people laugh.

"The innocent face of Khasha hurts the heart of every human. They (Taliban) have shot him dead, they are the cruelest people in the world," a post on Facebook said. Fazila Baloch who is an activist tweeted the video, as she wrote "Taliban executed this poor Comedian #Khasha Zwan that it's “HARAAM” in Islam to make people laugh."

Meanwhile, on Thursday, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid told AFP, "He was not a comedian; he fought against us in several battles. He had tried to flee when we detained him, prompting our gunmen to kill him." He further added, "He was an active policeman and responsible for the deaths of many people."

This incident comes up when the US and NATO are in the final phase of troop pull-out from Afghanistan. Where on the other hand, the Taliban is already in the process of making territorial gains across the country. According to the extremist group, they have strictly prohibited any form of entertainment when they controlled Afghanistan.

Not only this but the Taliban are also accused of murdering journalists, judges, and activists. Meanwhile, the militias were initially denying that they are no were linked with the police officer's murder, until the videos went viral.

Posted By: Mallika Mehzabeen