New Delhi | Jagran World Desk: BTS’ rise to fame also led to the rise of South Korean television series and movies and the prominence of K-Pop as it is called in the mid-2010s, which continues till date. As the popular South Korean band’s two-day virtual concert Muster Sowoozoo approaches its final day on June 14, North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un’s reaction to the rise of K-pop has also become public.

According to a stash of documents released by the Seoul-based website Daily NK, Kim Jong-un called K-Pop and K-dramas a “vicious cancer” which is corrupting the “attires, hairstyles, speeches and behaviours” of young North Korea. The report adds: “While BTS and other K-pop groups are hurling infectious hits like Dynamite, Kim Jong-un has actual explosives.”

15-year sentence in North Korea on watching K-pop

In December last year, North Korea brought out a new law which calls for five to fifteen years sentence in labour camps for the ones watching or possessing South Korean entertainment material. Those who smuggle the material into North Korean hands can even face the death penalty.

According to documents released by Daily NK, North Korea has also resorted to urging its people to inform on others who watch K-dramas.

BTS 2021 Muster Sowoozoo sparks excitement among fans

South Korean band BTS marked its eighth anniversary with a two-day virtual event, starting Sunday June 13. The virtual concert entered its second day on June 14.

The event was announced by the South Korean band last month, raising excitement among fans worldwide.

“We’ll have a chance to meet Army through online streaming,” the group had said in a video while announcing the event. The group added that all the band members are working hard to prepare a great performance.

The Sunday show featured BTS’ Korean hits while the one on Monday will be a "World Tour Version", in which the group will showcase its foreign language songs along with live interactions.

Posted By: Mukul Sharma