New Delhi | Jagran Lifestyle Desk: Do you believe in time travel? Well, if not, then maybe after going through this one you may. Yes, we are talking about an interesting incident that recently caught people's eyes online. A yesteryear's famous Archie comic strip predicted the current online schooling system. It is true! a 1997 copy was tweeted by the official page of Archie Comics where Betty's mom is telling her "School is about to start." To which Betty replies "Relax, Mother! I still have all of thirty seconds!" In another scene, Betty's mom says "Kids today are so lucky they are able to go to school in their own home." Check out the tweet.

As COVID-19 started expanding its wings, a lot of schools and institutions were shut down and started operating digitally from home. But just a year before no one had any idea that everyone's life is going to take a 360-degree turn altogether. However, seems like Archie comics predicted the ongoing pandemic way before we could imagine and as soon as the official Twitter handle shared the picture of the comic strip, people went crazy. Everyone was fascinated and were left wondering that how is it even possible. Users started coming on the tweet and reacted saying time travel is possible while some expressed their shock through emojis.

Check out the Twitter users reactions here:

This user said, "yoooooo..... maybe... time travel do exist"

Another user said, "What is up with that creepy eye symbol above the computer?"

So guys, what do you think about Archie Comics' time travel story? Do let us kow

Posted By: Sanyukta Baijal