Aliens Calling? Astronomers catch radio signals from planet outside the solar system | Details

Astronomers for the first time ever have detected signals from planets outside of Solar System. Scroll to know more.

By Ashita Singh
Updated: Wed, 13 Oct 2021 10:32 AM IST
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Aliens Calling? Astronomers catch radio signals from planet outside the solar system | Details

New Delhi | Jagran World Desk: There can be life on other planets too! Yes, Astronomers for the first time ever have detected stars that are blasting radio signals. The signals are a major hint of the phenomenon that there can be life out there. It is revealed that the signals were detected from 19 distant red dwarf planets and four of them indicated the presence of planets orbiting them.“

Astronomers picked the signal from space on the world's most powerful radio antenna, the Low-Frequency Array(LOFAR) which is situated in the Netherlands. The signals were detected and monitored by Dr. Benjamin Pope and his colleagues from the University of Queensland at the Dutch national observatory ASTRON.

We’ve long known that the planets of our own solar system emit powerful radio waves as their magnetic fields interact with the solar wind, but radio signals from planets outside our solar system had yet to be picked up," said the astronomer.

“We can’t be 100 percent sure that the four stars we think have planets are indeed planet hosts, but we can say that a planet-star interaction is the best explanation for what we’re seeing,” Dr. Pope said.

Dr. Pope ruled the possibility of interaction from Planet bigger than Earth but stated the Possibility that it can be smaller.

According to a study of Nature Astronomy, the signals were coming from the magnetic connection of the stars and unseen orbiting planets, similar to the interaction between Jupiter and its moon, lo.

"Our own Earth has auroras, commonly recognised here as the northern and southern lights, that also emit powerful radio waves this is from the interaction of the planet’s magnetic field with the solar wind," said Dr. Joseph Callingham at Leiden University, ASTRON.

The research by astronomers was made possible by detecting radio emissions from distant stars. They modeled a design for the interaction of the magnetic field with the solar wind which later detected auroras from space.

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