Kabul (Afghanistan) | Jagran News Desk: At least 17 people, including several children, were killed while 41 others were wounded in Afghanistan's Kabul after Taliban militants opened fire on Friday night amid reports of its victory over the resistance forces in the Panjshir Valley, reported TOLOnews.

Heavy battle is underway at the Panjshir Valley, the last stronghold of the resistance forces in Afghanistan, since Taliban captured Kabul on August 15. Local media reports have claimed that more than 300 fighters from both sides have lost their lives during the fighting over the past few days.

On Friday, Taliban militants told Reuters that its fighters have captured Panjshir. However, Afghanistan's acting president Amrullah Saleh, who is leading the resistance forces in Panjshir, denied the claims, saying the resistance is "based in Panjshir" but will defend the rights of all Afghan citizens. "The RESISTANCE is continuing and will continue. I am here with my soil, for my soil and defending its dignity," Saleh tweeted. 

Ali Nazari, a spokesperson for the National Resistance Front (NRF) fighters, has also dismissed reports and said that the resistance forces have pushed the Taliban on the back foot. "There are well over a few hundred Taliban who are trapped. And they are running out of munitions and they are negotiating terms of surrender right now," he told BBC World News.

As the fighting continues in Panjshir, Hamid Karzai, Afghanistan's former president, has asked the Taliban and resistance forces to stop fighting and resolve their issues through dialogue as the conflict is not helping the country and its people.

"War is not the solution, rather it only refreshes wounds and causes pain," he said in a Tweet. "I hope that both sides will resolve the current issue through dialogue so that our afflicted people can enjoy complete peace and happiness".

Posted By: Aalok Sensharma