2-Year-Old Boy In US Accidentally Kills Father With Gun; Mother Arrested

According to reports, initially, when police were informed about the incident, they believed that 26-year-old had killed himself. Scroll to know more

By Ashita Singh
Tue, 07 Jun 2022 08:46 AM IST
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2-Year-Old Boy In US Accidentally Kills Father With Gun; Mother Arrested

Florida | Jagran News Desk: In what may sound shocking, a 2-year-old toddler in US Florida accidentally shot his father after he found an unattended loaded gun in his house, news agency AFP reported citing Florida officials.

After the mishap, police officers were alerted by a 911 call and they arrived at the victim's home near Orlando on May 26 only to find that child's mother Marie Ayala providing CPR to her husband, Reggie Mabry.

In the initial stages of the investigation, Police officers believed that the 26-year-old, who died shortly afterwards in hospital, had shot himself, but it was later, that the eldest of the couple's three children told investigators that the trigger was pulled by his two-year-old brother, AFP reported citing Orange County, Sheriff John Mina.

According to the court documents available, the gun was in a bag that Mabry (Father of 2-year-old) had left on the ground and when the child came across it, he shot his father in the back while playing a video game on a computer.

Reportedly, during the incident, all five family members, including a five-month-old girl, were present in the same room. And, now Ayala, a mother of three has been charged with manslaughter by culpable negligence, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of ammunition by a convicted felon and violation of probation as per Officer Mina.

The mother served her time in jail on no bond Monday, according to an online jail record. Both parents were on parole at the time after multiple offences of child neglect and drug use, the sheriff said.

"Gun owners that do not properly secure their firearms are just one split second away from one of these tragedies happening in their homes," Mina said reported AFP.

"Now these young children have effectively lost both of their parents. Their father is dead. Their mother is in jail, and a young child has to live their life knowing that he shot his father," the sheriff added.

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