Vijay Deverakonda and his furry friend

By Aanchal

Furry Cuddles

Who doesn't need a friend to cuddle? Well, Vijaya has one, and it is better than we expected.

Not Less Than A Family

His pet storm Fits like a glove in his family! This diwali family picture is a treat to animal lovers

Overdose of Cuteness

This master-pet team has redefined the term

Always Better Together!

Vijay enjoys his view while storm lays over him, this is undoubtedly what peacefulness looks like.

Pawsitive Vibes

What a bond! Vijay deverakonda chills with his husky before hitting the sets.

Handle With Care

Undoubtedly, Vijay makes a wonderful pet owner! Take a look at how safe the little dog seems in his arms.

The Way He Looks

Find someone the way vijay look at his pup.

Partner In Festivals

Once again storm Deverkonda joins the family! but this time for Sankranti.

Always around

Without a doubt, the perfect frame is when there is vijay and storm!