Bold & Unconventional Outfits of Uorfi Javed

By Kashish

Plastic Bralette

In this bralette made out of plastic, Uorfi shows off her bold side.

Bold Rapunzel

Uorfi wears blue jeans and covers the top with her long hair. She finishes-off the look with a big nath.


Uorfi wrapped up in torn blue dress with a pair of shorts.

Polaroid Dress

Uorfi is wearing a dress constructed entirely of her own photos!

Backless or What?

Uorfi wraps around a saree over her body without a blouse.

Net Over Bralette

Uorfi wears net as a top over her blue bralette. The look is finished off with a high ponytail.

Backless or Reverse Shirt?

In this insane outfit Uorfi wears a shirt that has the collar turned backwards.

What a Seductress!

Uorfi appears to be keen to experiment with everything for her clothing.