Uorfi Javed Unseen Pictures Can Put You In Shock

By Aanchal Valechaenglish.jagran.com

Young uorfi

Its tough to recognize if she is Uorfi or not.


Throwback to the time when Uorfi flowers were in a bouquet and not her body!


lt us admit that Uorfi was always sexy but not that at posing.


we get a rare sight of her in traditional but look this. Uorfi Indian suits you!

Accessorizing always

seems like Urfi always loved to go out of the sane level

Away from reality

This version of Uorfi is far far away from today's one.

distinctive fashion

Uorfi has always had a unique fashion sense, her skin and hair were always the same but currently what not the same is Uorfi the person!