Top 6 Detox Drinks You Can Easily Make At Home

By Aditi

Cucumber Kiwi Detox Drink

This drink will hydrate you as cucumber contains 90% of water and kiwi will built your immunity.

Lemon water detox drink

Lemon water is known to be best detox drink as lemon contains many properties which will detox your body and make you healthy.

Mint Fizz

This is a fizzy drink which will energies you and extremely tasty. It has mint leaves which will freshens your body.

Turmeric Detox tea

This Ayurvedic drink has turmeric, black pepper and honey in it. Turmeric has properties which will detox your mind and body.

Carrot and Orange Detox Drink

This drinks contains various vitamins and citrus food which will throw out toxins present in your body.

Coconut water with lemon and mint

Quick detox drink, Coconut water with lemon and mint. it has various vitamins and minerals which will hydrate your body flush out toxins.

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