Times Janhvi Kapoor Flaunted Her Curves Like Kim Kardashian

By Kashish Raienglish.jagran.com

Kim More Than Kim Herself!

This look of Janvi Kapoor took the internet by storm as people said this look of Janhvi Kapoor is just like Kim Kardashian.

Too Sexy to Handle!

There's no denying Janhvi Kapoor's obsession for metallic clothing! Jahnvi strikes the same seductive posture as Kim!

Reflection of “Hotness”

Janhvi looks incredibly seductive in her mirror bodycon dress! You can't help but compare Kim to her hourglass figure.

Sunset with a Gaze

Janhvi exudes a beachy vibe in this outfit. She definitely matches Kim's stunning looks!

Shining Like Gold!

Like Kim, Janhvi decides to accentuate her curves with this golden dress.

Sparkling Hot

In her hot pink blingy outfit, Janhvi strikes a sensuous pose. How much does she resemble Kim in your opinion?

Orange Bombshell!

In this orange dress, Janhvi Kapoor looks stunning and exudes a breezy attitude.

Pink Lollipop!

Janhvi plays up the pink in her outfit and dons a simple skin-fit dress.