These Facts About Pregnancy Might Shock You!

By Aanchal

Men Experience Pregnancy Symptoms.

In some rare cases of Couvade Syndrome or ‘Sympathetic Pregnancy’’, your partner may also feel the same symptoms like nausea, mood swings, or weight gain like you do!

9 Months May Not Be Enough

In some the cases pregnancy can exceed beyond the 9 months time limit

You Might Crave Soap

It seen that most the pregant women crave for soaps and chalksduring preganncy.

Mother's Heart Grows Bigger

It might shock you but its to pump more blood for the baby growing in you

Get A Whole New Voice

Your vocal chords may swell as a result of hormonal changes, giving you a completely different voice.

Babies Can Hear You

Time for some chit chat with your baby as the baby can hear it's mother's voice in the womb.

Changing Skin Tones

During this time, you may see a change in your skin tone, either getting darker or lighter.

Infants Weep in Womb

Yes your baby is crying before you might even know! but no worries it's just a practice of communication