Ananya Panday Is The Perfect Beach Baby

By Aanchal

Ananya! The Beach Baby

when questioned about mountains or beaches? Ananya picks a beach. Some of her beachwear choices are worthy of inspiration.

Better In Bikini

Ananya in a simple lavender bikini paired with a floral shrug. classic!

Go Ahead With Prints

The amalgamation of different colors and prints comes out perfectly on Ananya’s beach body

Great Chemistry of Orange and Black

With this orange and black beachwear and some chunky accessories, Ananya steals the scene!

Yellow Fellow

Unquestionably, yellow is a beach color! Ananya provides proof for it.

Checks On!

Ananya likes to wear bikinis, and these checkered ones are sexy as hell.


We second that! A bikini set inspired by a sunflower is a win-win for the beach

Hawaii Beauty

The floral beachwear makes it seem like Annaya is from Hawaii!


Ananya Pandey pulls off this extremely casual beach outfit while still managing to look hot!