5 Effective Ways To Treat Strawberry Legs Instantly

By Aditi Singhenglish.jagran.com

What are strawberry legs?

When you have strawberry-looking spots on your legs, it is known as strawberry legs.

What causes strawberry legs?

Clogged pores with dirt, oil and dead skin due to shaving, waxing or epilating hair from your skin cause strawberry legs

Use a sharp razor

You can use a sharp razor with moisturizing shaving cream and make sure that the razor you are using is clean with antiseptic.

Exfoliating your skin

Exfoliating your skin will remove all the dead skin cells present on your skin and help you get smooth and soft-looking skin.

Moisturing daily

After shaving or waxing your skin gets irritated so it is required to moisturize your skin well with a good moisturizer daily.

Try epilating

Epilators act like electric tweezers and they are not as harsh as waxing or shaving.

Consider permanent hair removal techniques.

If you can't keep up with scrubbing on a daily basis and are done with waxing and shaving then you can opt for laser hair removal.

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