Sonam Kapoor’s Haircare Routine For Long, Thick & Glossy Hair

By Kashish

Champi For Hair

Sonam likes to give her hair a good champi as it stimulates the blood circulation on the scalp which is essential to maintain hair health

Uses Coconut Oil To Reduce Hairfall

Coconut oil is very beneficial in maintaining hair health as it curbs hairfall and keeps that hair nourished

Uses Almond Oil For Strong Hair

Almond oil adds volume to the hair and strengthens the scalp! Sonam makes sure to include almond oil in her haircare routine

Uses Vitamin E For Hair Growth

Vitamin E is very essential to boost hair growth. Sonam usually prepares a mixture of Vitamin E, Almond and Coconut oil for her hair and applies it on her scalp for healthy, voluminous hair!

Heat Protectant Spray Is A Must

Being an actress, Sonam's hair are prone to heat styling. To avoid the damage caused to the hair through heat, she applies a heat protectant spray before styling!

Uses Essential Oils With A Hand Loban

This is a traditional technique that adds fragrance to the hair while also maintaining a good hair health!

No Chemical Treatments

Sonam avoids taking any harsh chemical treatments to maintain her hair! She swears by natural products to keep her hair long and shiny!

Eating Right

White taking care of her haircare ritual, Sonam never skips on eating the right and protein rich diet which aids in maintaining her gorgeous hair!

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