Sonam Kapoor Ate All These Food Items During her Pregnancy, Know Here

By Aanchal

Avoid pesticides

Sonam Kapoor Gave Advice that organic food should be widely consumed and the use of pesticides should be avoided.

start morning with ghee

Every day Sonam Kapoor started her morning with one tablespoon of ghee along with water and lemon.

vegetables are a must

Sonam kapoor vegetable list included carrot, sweet potato, pumpkin, Spinach, tomato, greens and red sweet pepper.


In dairy she went for low fat or fat free yogurt along with oats, Soy and almond milk , Butter milk and paneer was also the part of her meals.

Take care of folic acid

ready to eat cereals and oats fulfilled the requirement of Folic acid in the body.

water is imp

At last the water, water as a very important part throughout the journey.

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