Sonam, Rhea and Their Unconditional Love

By Aanchal

Partner In Crime

Enjoying themselves in London's streets, Sonam and Rhea

Lifelong Travel Companion

Rhea and Sonam are seen traveling together, hands down they are the permanent partners on the roads.


Sonam and Rhea have consistently been each other's top pick for a shopping companion

Comfort Zone

The presence of one another puts Sonam and Rhea at peace. Just look at how cute this photo is!

Barrel Of Laughs

Laughter all around! Did someone crack a joke around Sonam and rhea?

Ample For Each Other!

When you have Sonam as your sister, you definitely don't need anyone else! Rhea and Sonam fully appreciating each other's company


The fact that Sonam and Rhea complement each other so beautifully makes us wonder if they are opposite hues on the colour wheel.

Ideal Co-Models

When working together, Sonam and Rhea give their best efforts! Together, these two are stronger!