7 Telltale Signs Your Dog Is Happy, Read

By Aditi Singhenglish.jagran.com

Dog looks into your eyes

Dogs have good sense of understanding your mood while looking at your eyes, So you might get snuggles if you are feeling low. It is also a sign that your dog trusts you a lot.

Gets jolly after hearing their name

Whenever a dog is called by their owner, they run towards you to meet and greet you.

Dances around

When their owner puts extra effort into their dogs, they notice and get extremely happy and dance around. It is their way of showing affection.

He waits for you

Your dog will always wait for you to arrive home because he wants the attention of their loved ones.

Plays with you a lot

When a dog is happy with you, they like playing with you. It's a sign that your dog loves you.

Hugs you at night

Your dog will hug you closely at night to show how happy he is with you.

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