Shivangi Joshi Hair Care Routine To Grow Long and Thick Hair

By Aanchal

Long and thick hair

Shivani Joshi has a distinctive feature that is impossible to ignore: long, healthy hair.. here is her complete hair care routine you must follow.


Shivangi Aka Naira frequently conditions her hair with oil to nourish it. Additionally, it strengthens the scalp, removes dandruff, and promotes hair growth.


Shivangi prefers to trim off the split ends and dead hair as needed because the goal is to not only have long hair but also healthy hair.

Tying the hair

The actress prefers to tie her hair when required as most of the breakage happens in open hair.


yes! you might not believe but Shivangi joshi performs yoga for her hair health. Yoga helps in increasing the blood circulation and hence it initiates hair growth


After every hair care routine Shivangi washes her hair with a mild shampoo and ends it with conditioner for smoothness.

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