Shilpa Shetty Diet: What She Eats In A Day

By Aanchal

morning with Aloe veera

Shilpa shetty starts her day with 15 ml of Aloe vera juice, with tulsi leaves and jaggery

warm water

After having a healthy start she drinks warm water.

Oats and muesli

For breakfast Shilpa have oat or muesli with milk.

Two whole eggs

If not oats she goes for two whole eggs toasted breads and almond as her breakfast.

musk fruits

After breakfast Shilpa eats musk fruits like muskmelon, straweberries or papaya.

Brown rice with ghee

Yes Shilpa Shetty eats ghee wIth rice and some vegetables or dal


Shilpa Shetty eats makhanas or nuts as a evening snack

soup and salad

Shilpa Shetty finishes her day with light dinner having soup or salads.