Shehnaaz Gill's Diet Plan For Weight Loss Will Help You Become Fat To Fit

By Aanchal

Morning with Haldi water

Shehnaaz Gill starts her day with a glass of haldi water and few drops of apple cider vinegar

High protein breakfast

The go to breakfast for Shehnaaz is a plate for of proteins that includes sprouts, eggs, methi paratha.

home cooked food

one thing she stuck to was home cooked food, she ate dal chawal, roti sabzi for dinner.

tea in evening

Unlike other's diet plan Shehnaaz's diet plan has tea and that too in the evening.

drinking water throughout

Shehnaaz drank water throughout the day that helped her in weight loss.

same dinner

She said in an interview that she eats the same food items in dinner as of lunch.

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