Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput Major Relationship goals

By Aanchal

Ahhh! That Stare

What better way to show love than by looking into each other's eyes?

A Shoulder To Rely On

Mira laying softly on Shahid's shoulder!This image is a perfect illustration of comfort.

Soft Kisses

How much love is too much love? This selfie of Shahid and Mira raising the bars for all the couples

Love is Fun!

This adorable Bollywood pair never passes up an opportunity to joke around with one another!

Sugar Rush

This sweet photo of Shahid and Mira is enough to make you feel sugar-high!

Cuddle Weather

This major picture makes us feel single in thousand different ways

Trek Buddies

Shahid and Mira share a picture of them trekking in the woods.

Crazy Duo

Shahid and Mira engage in a battle of silliness and crazy behaviour!

Power Couple

, Shahid and Mira are a strong couple! They were undoubtedly meant to be together.