Republic Day Parade 2023: Articles That Are Not Allowed In The Parade

By Aditi


If you're planning to watch the Republic day parade, then You must know eatables are not allowed when you go inside.

Cigarettes and biddis

Using lighter and smoking is not allowed in the parade.

Bags and briefcase

Do not bring bags and brief cases to the function. it's completely prohibited.

Electronic Items

Electronic gadges like camera, tape recorder, radio, transistor, i-pads etc are not allowed in the parade.

Pointed and sharp materials

Pointed material like screw driver, knife, dagger etc. are strictly not allowed.

Inflammable items

Soft furniture, paper waste, oils, gas, damaged power chords etc, are not allowed.


Ammunition, crackers and fireworks are prohibited.

Water bottle

Items like flask, watter bottle, cans, pouch and even coins are not allowed.

Other items

Alcohol, umbrella, perfumes, toy gun, spray, blade, scissors, knifes are also strictly prohibited in republic day parade.

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