Raai Laxmi And Her Gorgeous Red Outfits

By Kashish Raienglish.jagran.com

Hot Babe!

Raai looks super hot and gorgeous in this red attire! We love it!

On Fire!

Laxmi gives a striking look in this gorgeous red dress and we can’t stop staring!

So Merry!

Raai looks so cute and alluring at the same time in this outfit!

Mehbooba, Mehbooba!

Raai is giving us diva vibes in this gorgeous outfit!

What a Hottie!

Laxmi looks sizzling in this red dress!

So Stunning!

Have you noticed that gaze? Damn, we are allured!

Wildly Dreaming

This gorgeous attire worn by Laxmi is no less than a dream!