Things You Must Know About Britain's Longest-Serving Monarch

By Aanchal


Queen Elizabeth is the longest and the oldest Monarch of Britain who market 70 years on the throne.

Never went to a public school

Due to her royal background, the Queen did not attend a public school, thus she was educated at home.

Paid Tax

Despite being a queen, Queen Elizabeth II paid taxes till 1992.


Queen was always seen having a posture and poker face but In reality she had a great sense of humour and loved mimicry.

Lilibeth before elizabeth

The family gave the young Elizabeth the nickname Lilibeth since she couldn't pronounce Elizabeth clearly as a young child.


The queen was born on April 21, 1926, and while different regions celebrated her birthday on different days, her actual birthday was celebrated privately with her closest friends and family.

DOG Lover

She possessed over 30 corgis throughout the years. She also had Candy and Vulcan, two "dorgis" - dachshund and corgi hybrids.

Healthy relationship

Queen Elizabeth and prince phillip enjoyed a very healthy and loved relationship. Prince Phillip died at the age of 99 which left a "void" in her heart.