Proof That Ranveer Singh Love Insane Patterns

By Aanchal

Stars All Over

Ranveer choose an outfit full of star patterns but guess who’s a bigger star here !

More The Merrier

The neck area has a lot going on with flowers and colours, while the bottom is filled with simple checks.

Pine(Apple) So Fine

Even though Ranveer looks incredible in this photo, we can't get past the pineapples on his shirt!

Stripes An Sunflowers

Ranveer looks like a delight amongst these patterns of stripes on his pants accompanied by some sunflowers on his shirt.

Intricate Patterns

Ranveer decided to be a canvas today by wearing this multi-pattern shirt.

Walking Scenary

With clouds, mountains, and a colorful background Ranveer gives an image of walking scenery.

Tiger Is Back

Ranveer doesn't looks lesser than a tiger here !


A complete garden can be noticed on Ranveer's jacket.


Ranveer suited up in a flask patterns! looking like a genie himself.