Nora Fatehi's Fitness Secrets Will Inspire You To Lose The Extra Weight

By Aanchal

Has a diet coach

Nora Fatehi has Yasmin Karachiwala as her personal diet coach. She trains her well and makes sure that she remains fit.

Balanced meal

Nora eats whatever she wants to eats but makes sure that her meal is rightly balanced.

Filled with fruits and vegetables

Nora's plate is filled with fruits and vegetables, each of her meals have good amount of fruits and leafy vegetables.

you can cheat

Yes! you read it right, Nora cheats hard on her meal. she loves to eat pizza and she never misses a chance to eat it.


Its water that helps her maintain weight, so she makes sure that she is hydrated enough.

dances her heart out

This secret is not hidden that Nora loves to dance and this is what makes so fit.

daily workout

And lastly comes working out, Nora works our daily to get the killer figure she has.

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