Navratri Special: Satvik Banana Walnut Lassi Recipe You Should Try

By Aanchal

Banana Walnut Lassi

A creamy yoghurt drink with banana, walnuts and honey will make your fasting more easy and more fun.


1 cup Low-fat yoghurt, 1/2 Banana 3-4 Walnuts, 1 tbsp mix of Flax seeds and Sesame seeds 1-2 tbsp Honey

step 1

Pour yoghurt into a food processor and blend well.

step 2

Now add a mixture of flax and sesame seeds, walnuts, honey and bananas into it.

Step 3

Blend the entire mixture until smooth and creamy.

Step 4

You can garnish it with some chopped walnuts. Your Banana Walnut Lassi is ready.