Navratri 2022: Get These Plants To Bring Fortune & Wealth To Your Home

By Kashish

1. Tulsi

Place Tulsi in either East or North-East direction of your house to receive abundant good fortune.

2. Banana (Kela)

Banana is a very sacred plant. Place it in the North-East direction to attract wealth.

3. Shankhpushpi

The flower of this plant should be kept in a silver box to remove all the financial problems.

4. Banyan Leaf (Bargad)

During Navratri, clean a Banyan Leaf with Ganja Jal and draw a swastika sign on it using turmeric and cow ghee. Worship it daily to remove your obstacles.

5. Dhatura

You should wrap Dhatura fruit in a red cloth and worship it while chanting mantras to remove all your obstacles.

6. Night Flowering Jasmine (Harshringar)

It is a very good medicinal plant. Bringing this to your home will attract prosperity.