Mrunal Thakur’s Skincare Tips To Achieve Clear & Glowing Skin

By Kashish

Morning Ritual

As soon as she wakes up, Mrunal loves to have a glass of warm water with lemon. This is a very great antioxidant and it also boosts collagen production in the skin which improves skin elasticity

Morning Skincare

Mrunal’s morning skincare is pretty simple, involving proper cleansing with a mild cleanser and applying a moisturizing SPF cream!

Vitamin C is Must!

Mrunal never misses on using Vitamin-C-rich natural products for her skincare as they reduce dark spots and give visible radiance to the skin

Eating Healthy

Mrunal consumes healthy foods to maintain healthy skin. She likes to have Apple, Beetroot or Carrot juice and consume Poha or Upma for breakfast!

Natural Masks

Mrunal likes to apply organic face masks on her skin consisting of natural ingredients Tomato, Aloe Vera or honey, etc.

Aloe Vera Is Love!

Mrunal swears by Aloe Vera for her skincare! She applies home-grown Aloe Vera pulp on her face as it provides a soothing and moisturizing effect!

Never Sleep With Makeup On!

Mrunal advises removing makeup with a gentle cleanser before sleeping and applying some moisturizer to keep skin hydrated!

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