Mouni Roy’s Skincare Routine For Clear & Bright Skin

By Kashish

Natural Remedies Are Love!

Mouni believes in using natural products for her skin. She basically Aloe Vera Gel, Milk, and Turmeric to keep her skin soft and pimple-free!

Hydration Is The Key!

Mouni drinks a lot of water and consumes at least 8-9 glasses of water every day to keep her skin hydrated

Lip Balms To The Rescue!

Mouni Roy is a big fan of using lip balms! Mouni likes to apply lip balm on her lips after 3-4 hours

Minimal Makeup

Mouni doesn’t like to wear too much makeup! She does minimal makeup and after the shoot, removes it with the help of gentle oil-based cleansers

Sunscreen Is A Must!

Mouni never steps out of her home without using sunscreen and likes to re-apply it after every 3-4 hours

Facial Massage

Once a week, Mouni likes to have a facial massage which uplifts blood circulation and gives a visible glow!

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