Most Popular Fashion Appearances of Kapil Sharma

By Aanchal


Kapil Sharma stunned the internet by debuting this new look for his new season

Road Rage Of Fashion

Kapil Sharma twins with Dodge challenger showcasing comfy yet stylist look.

Posing in Prada

Kapil Sharma provided the internet with some good fashion with this candid photoshoot

Less is more

Kapil Sharma manages to stand out in this understated look.

Sky High Fashion

The amalgamation of white and blue works well for Comedy King.

Comfort Over Chaos

Kapil Sharma appears to be at ease in this outfit, but the star of the show is the smile on his face.

Smash! Of Good Looks

With this white on white outfit, Kapil Sharma turns up the heat on the tennis court.

Denim on Denim

They say you can never go wrong with denim, and Kapil Sharma proves it here.

Kapil being Kapil

Kapil Sharma looks the best when he puts on a hoodie and a pairs it up with a denim